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Welcome to Āhua Design

Shape your space

Āhua is a new Italian brand, whose design is 100% MADE IN ITALY.
Our lamps, made of laser carved-iron, let you have chromatic variations and create elegant and refined light effects that fit every need.
They are suitable for any room and they are different in shape and design to every other lamp on the market!
More than 640.000 colours will brighten up your house.

LED Colors
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Āhua offers you an innovative and modern design

The best of decoration in just 3 mm thick.

Our lamps are created to impress those who own them and those who watch them.
Thanks to their 3 mm thick, they take up very little space so they combine the beauty of design with ease of use.
The tradition is repurposed through a minimal design. Our aim is to create a combination between the elegance of tradition and an innovative design. The shape is the key feature, hence the name of the Āhua brand which in Maori means shape, the perfect solution for every kind of house.


Controller and Wi-Fi Light Management

Controller included in the package

– Brand: Tranton
– Item Type: RGB Controler
– Remote Distance: 30m
– Material: ABS
– Certification: CE, RoHS, Ccc
– Features: RGBW LED Touch Screen Controller
– Power Source: CA
– Voltage: 12-24v
– Oscillation Frequency: 2.4G
– Model Number: RGBW Touch Controller LED
– Control Method: 2.4G
– Connection mode: commcon anode

Check the light where and whenever you want

It’s not just a lamp, but also a Wi-Fi router that allows you to handle all the Āhua lamps you have at home:

  • 16 million colors to change
  • 2.4GHz wireless transmission
  • Delicate design
  • Advanced features
  • Compatible with IOS and ANDROID

It does not matter if you’re working, traveling or shopping. You can manage your home light directly from your phone.
You no longer need to get out of bed to turn off or turn on the light! Functions with Timers: You can decide the exact time you want your light to turn off or turn on!

Download the app and manage your lighting.


LED lamps help you reduce your electricity bill up to 50%. There are so many consumers wondering how much they can save on the bill using LED lamps. This kind of bulbs, indeed, lasts longer and consumes far less than the old ones incandescent light bulbs.
In addition, LED lamps are more eco-friendly and cheaper that the energy- saving (or fluorescence) bulbs.


AÌ„hua lamps let you have chromatic variations and make you create elegant and refined light effects, which are suitable for all needs. Moreover, our lamps are different in shape and design from every other lamp on the market!
By using a handy remote control, it is possible to configure the combination of lights and colours matched to your liking, your room or your favourite
music, so that you can personalize the atmosphere without giving up on comfort.


Do you want to create the proper atmosphere on any occasion?
With AÌ„hua lamps it has never been so easy: we ensure you a handy and quick control of the intensity of the light.
Adjusting the intensity of the light can also reduce energy consumption and improve the functionality of space.
Thanks to our LED strips it is possible to regulate the brightness on the inside and outside of your houses and/or businesses, so that you can have the soft light you like, which is able to create the proper atmosphere in each room of your house!